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The Phoenix Group was started in 2017 with a desire to serve the business community in West Michigan.  For decades we watched “trusted advisors” dole out advice that was definitely not unbiased.  We realized these “trusted advisors” were resellers of a software product or received a commission or referral fee for their recommendations.  While being a reseller can be lucrative, we could not get past the conflict of interest.  We knew there had to be a better option.  With a passion for solving problems and a commitment to West Michigan values, Phoenix Group was launched! 

We use a hybrid of our own staff as well as dedicated subcontracted experts to deliver the very best talent West Michigan has to offer.  By utilizing local talent, we can be much more accessible to our clients and contribute towards the overall business economy. 

Our team is highly experienced in their respective practices with each having well over fifteen years of solving problems and getting results.  We have worked with non-profits, healthcare, logistics, distribution, professional service organizations, construction, retail and manufacturing industries.  Although many of us have worked in Fortune 500 organizations, our passion is helping small to mid-size companies overcome challenges, tackle critical initiatives or make decisions that will help take our clients to the next step forward on their path to success. 

With a company built on integrity and West Michigan values, when you work with the Phoenix Group, you are a neighbor not a number.

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