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Whether you have a dynamic accounting department or a lack of in-house skills, the function of your accounting department should support the overall goals of the organization.

Accounting Services

Through the use of technology and highly experienced professionals, we help organizations like yours so you can focus on the core business.  So, relax and let us help with:

  • Accounts Payable Function
  • Accounts Receivable Function
  • Audit Readiness
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Projections
  • CFO Services
  • Controllership Services
  • Daily Accounting
  • Department Oversight
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Financial Modeling
  • Implementation of Best Practices
  • Interim Management
  • Internal Control Evaluations
  • Monthly Accounting
  • Monthly/Quaterly/Annual Financial Statement Preperation
  • Non-attest Services
  • Onsite/Offsite Accounting Flexibility
  • Outsourced Accounting
  • Process Improvement
  • Streamlining the Finance and Accounting Function


    Additional Resources &

        – Accounting and Finance

        – Case Studies

        – Consulting

        – Software Selection

On-Demand Staffing

A two-week notice can cause disruption in the daily operation of any organization, but it doesn’t have to.  When life throws you a curveball, The Phoenix Group is here to help. We provide loan staff, interim staffing or transitional staffing to organizations experiencing the loss or pending loss of much needed talent.  So often organization think they can get through by redistributing the workload.  While this seems like a logical solution, it often creates overtime and a negative impact on morale.  We provide highly skilled professionals that focus on getting you through the transition period and allow you the necessary time to do a proper search for a long-term fit.  The typical search takes an average of six weeks plus time for the new person to give notice.  We not only bridge the gap but often stay to help transition the work to the new hire as well.  This creates a smooth transition without causing undo stress to the staff.

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