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CFO Services

Our CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Services cater to small to mid-size businesses. 


Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of organizations, helping them overcome challenges, provide financial strategy or complete critical initiatives.  Our CFOs have decades of experience and understand the challenges businesses face.  Let one of our seasoned professionals help you with:

Interim Management

We cannot always plan for change.  Sometimes a valued financial leader (CFO, VP of Finance, Director of Finance) decides to move on and a critical position will soon be open.  Or you have made the difficult decision to part ways with your current financial leader.  Regardless of the origin of the change, it is not a time to make rushed decisions.  The top finance role in any organization is critical and a significant amount of thought and planning should go into the next hire. 

Loan Staff CFO: 

Our highly experienced CFOs are always available to provide this much needed function within your organization.  Whether you operate a non-profit or a traditional for-profit business, we can help!  From one hour a month to forty hours a week, our experts can give you all the benefits of having an expert CFO – when you need it. 


Do you have a controller that could use some guidance?  Help can be just a phone call away.  We have helped family businesses groom members to take on more responsibility and have provided a knowledgeable lifeline to inexperienced controllers.  Expert advice and guidance at a fraction of the cost of other resources.

Staff Assessment: 

With staff possibly working from home or duties shifted, are you confident your accounting department is at optimal levels and performing at their full capability?  Our highly experienced financial professional can provide you with an unbiased assessment of your staff that includes recommendations for staffing levels, job responsibilities and even salaries.  Top talent is at a premium.  Insure you have the right people in the right seats to create a highly satisfied and top performing accounting department!

Strategic Alignment

As the owner or leader of an organization, you have vision.  Are your financial initiatives structured to align with that vision?  Our CFOs have a wealth of experience strategically aligning the finance/accounting functions to support the overall organization’s mission or vision.

Special Projects

Have you ever wished there were two of you?  Our CFO Services can provide the next best thing!  If you have a good CFO but he/she is at their workload capacity, we can help!  Hand off your traditional work to one of our experts or let us take on that special project for you.  We can lend a hand with mergers and acquisitions, cost control, business line evaluations, streamlining processes, preparing for a sale and much more!

Turn Around Assistance: 

Let’s face it, 2020 was a difficult one for many organizations.  Regardless of political views, there is no denying many organizations continue to face economic hardships.  While we cannot work magic, we can help you through this with expert financial leadership.  We will help you work with your financial institution, streamline processes, reduce expenses and evaluate other cost saving measures. 


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