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Technology.  For some people, that word alone can give them hives!  It has become an integral part of our daily lives.  There is not an organization that does not deal with it in some form.  

The world is moving fast, and technology is changing just as quickly.  Is your organization keeping up?  Is your technology aligned to support your overall organizational goals?  Do you have a technology roadmap?  Are you confident in the technology expertise within your organization?  If you answered “no” to any of these, our virtual or fractional CIO services are for you.  We can help with:

Technology Strategy

You’ve spent a great deal of time defining your organizational goals. Now it is time to align your technology to support and, in some cases, drive that.  Our experts have a wealth of experience helping organizations like yours align their technology strategy.  We can help you get through today’s challenges while planning for tomorrow and the years ahead.  Technology has become too important to leave to chance.  Just getting by is no longer good enough.  Take control of your technology and watch the positive impact on your business!  We work with existing technology teams that need some guidance or we can be the “go to” expert on an as needed basis.

Virtual or Fractional CIO

If your organization lacks a true leader in your technology department or you lack a technology department, we can help! Our CIOs have been leading technology initiatives and driving results for many years.  If your organization could benefit from a highly experienced technology leader but you do not wish to have nor need a full-time resource, our fractional program is for you!  You can tap into some of the most respected technology experts in the area whenever it is needed.  We can be onsite, or you can take advantage of the virtual option.  With either one, you are getting the advice and expertise without having to make the long-term commitment or associated costs of a permanent hire.

Special Projects

With technology changing on a regular basis, it can be difficult to keep up. When special projects arise and you need some expert assistance, we are a phone call (or email) away!  Let our CIOs help you get things done quickly and efficiently while capitalizing on their in-depth knowledge. 


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So, you have read about our CIO Services, but your MSP (managed service provider) offers you a CIO as part of their services.  Why would you not take advantage of that?  We have worked with MSPs and they serve a worthwhile purpose to many companies.  However, by utilizing a CIO from your MSP, you are putting your organization at a disadvantage.  The CIO typically makes critical decisions regarding technology.  Your MSO manages that technology.  In essence, you let someone that works for your vendor make purchasing decisions regarding that vendor.  Unfortunately, we have seen organizations fall into this and not realize the resulting issues until it had cost them a significant amount of money. 

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