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Software Selection

Let’s face it…. there is no shortage of salespeople trying to convince you they have the best software for your particular need.  In fact, selling software or referring software has become so lucrative that even CPA firms and others are getting compensated for recommending software!

Phoenix Group was formed when we saw the unethical practices that were leaving some organizations with software that did not best suit their needs and an investment larger than what was truly needed. 

So how is the Phoenix Group different? 
To start, we do not sell any software.  Never have.  Never will.  Why?  Sure, we could make money on referrals but that would not allow us to truly give the best guidance.  We are 100% unbiased.  Each client is different.  Our proven process determines needs, provides reputable options, steps through scripted demonstrations and includes expert contract review and negotiations all to give you, the client, the best software with the best price and terms available. 

What types of software do you work with? 
We can help select a MSP (managed service provider), CRM (customer relationship management), HRIS (human resource information system), MIS (management information system), ERP (enterprise resource planning) and more.

Can’t we save money and do this ourselves? 
You can do it yourself, but you may not save any money.  Why?  We are experts at this.  Our business was formed around this.  Our satisfied clients have discovered they often can utilize our services to get just the right software and we are able to negotiate so well that we often recoup the cost of our services and then some!  We help you get the very best return on investment possible.  So, whether you have a simple organization or a complex one with multiple locations and systems that need to interface with your new software, we can be your trusted partner.  A partner that has no other agenda but to help your organization. 

Still unsure? 
Contact us today and we will meet with you and your team virtually or in person.  We will walk you through our process and let you speak with clients who have put their trust in us and are so grateful for doing so.


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